Knight Vision

First it was Gannon Greeks, then it was GU Problems and now it’s Gannon Jocks that has gone viral among Gannon’s Twitter community.

Each targets a particular demographic of the university – the Greek community, athletes or the institution itself. While some of their observations are witty enough to merit retweeting, others have crossed the line between funny and offensive.

It’s a shame that people sit behind computers and anonymously type spiteful things they’d never say to someone’s face.

It’s unfortunate because some of their criticisms are valid. However, if people think they’re going to change anything within the athletic department, Greek community or university by sending out a few tweets, they’re sadly mistaken.

If you want to spin the wheels of change, you must do two things. The first is to put your name to your argument.

We, at The Knight, weekly submit columns that at times take unpopular stances on controversial issues. We put our name and email to our writing so you can contact us with your grievences. Some of us even provide a picture, in case email just isn’t enough and you’d prefer to meet us in an alleyway.

Either way, the editors here understand that putting a name behind an argument gives it credence – something a fake Twitter handle can never give.

Secondly, you must contact people that give a hoot. Send us an editorial, and while we can’t promise you change, we can promise that the people who affect change will see it.  Or if you’re more ambitious than that, send a five-paragraph essay, not a 140-character tweet, to the power brokers of the university.

Continually tweeting to an online community that’s as lazy or lazier than yourself ensures nothing but a few laughs.

However, if that’s your goal – to offend and shock rather than to matter – keep sending your passive-aggresive tweets over the Internet.