Knight Vision

And we thought peeing on a couple cop cars was bad news.

Well, at least we’re not Penn State.

We’re not saying public urination is OK, but it’s definitely not nearly as bad as the current child abuse sex scandal that has rocked State College this weekend.

It goes to show that there are more differences between Division I and II schools than just the size of the athletes.

It seems as the size of the school gets bigger, so does the severity of any negative incidents.

Mo’ students, mo’ problems.

The accounts, if accurate, make the incidents at Penn State as grizzly as they are shocking.

A retired assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, is accused of having sexual relations with minors over a period of 10 years, and two school officials, Timothy Curley and Gary Schultz, are said to have gone to great lengths – like lying under oath – to cover up their knowledge about the supposed incidents.

The worst part of the accusations may be that Sandusky reportedly used his own charitable organization, Second Mile – a foster organization for troubled boys – as an access point for his alleged victims.

As fellow collegiate journalists, we understand the situation that those at the Daily Collegian, Penn State’s daily newspaper, are in.

They have an incredible opportunity to report on and shape the way media outlets cover the story from here on out and have the best chance, in our minds, of uncovering any new details due to their proximity to people on campus and their sources around the university.

The excellent coverage they’re noted for highlights the importance the Fourth Estate and watchdog journalism at the collegiate level.

So here’s to you, Daily Collegian. Take this work seriously and score one for the college papers.