Spring break trip out of town changes up tradition

It may not look spring-like at all, but for us Gannon students, it’s almost time to get off campus and go wherever it is we plan on going for spring break.
I’m especially excited because for the first time in a long time, I actually get to leave Erie for break. My first stop will be Slippery Rock University with my best friend Katie to visit her sister, who I’ve yet to meet.

Janae Butler, features editor

After that, we’re heading to her hometown of Mars, Pa., for a couple of days for some good, oldfashioned hometown lovin’.
Following that will be the highlight of my life once again: going to see my idol Lady GaGa in concert at the Consol Energy Center on Saturday night.
I saw her on the first round of the “Monsterball Tour” over the summer, and I am even more anxious and excited to see her a second time around, especially now that she’ll have some new material to perform for all her “Little Monsters.”
After the concert, I’ll then head to Washington, D.C., for four days.
When I picture myself in the next 10 years, I can’t see myself anywhere but D.C. I live for — and thrive on — the hustle and bustle of the city life. I’ve never known anything else, and I never want to experience anything else.
While in D.C., I’ll play the role of a total tourist, but I’m also going to do some apartment browsing and graduate school tours, as my title as a full-time college student will come to an end.  Even though I’m taking a year off to focus on studying for the GREs and getting some freelance writing experience under my belt, I will throw on the hat of a part-time graduate student in the year 2012, and Washington, D.C., is where I plan on making that happen.
I need to get as many looks and opinions as possible on my future home, starting now.
Sure, it’s no trip to Florida or anywhere out of the country, but for an Erie-ite such as myself, just the simple opportunity to get out of the area is exciting on its own.
Even for people who aren’t going anywhere but home over break, the opportunity to leave the Erie county area will be a breath of fresh air we’re all in need of.
And for those staying in Erie, take the time to relax, visit with family and friends and not think about classes and the sure stress the first half of the semester has brought us all.
This spring break is going to be an epic one. It’s not about where you go as much as it’s about the experiences you’ll have while you’re there.
No matter where you’re going over break, remember to be smart, be safe, make the most of it and have fun, no matter where you’re going.
I view spring break as a celebration of the end of midterms, and more so for me, the official countdown to the end of my college career.
Cheers to a great semester being halfway done.

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