Behrend student charged after break in


news editor, The Behrend Beacon

A student was arrested Sunday morning after allegedly breaking into Hungry Howie’s Pizza and two University Gates apartments before assaulting a female Behrend student.

Adam George Miller, 19, of Warren, Pa., and freshman at Penn State Behrend, was arrested by the state police and placed in the Erie county jail.

He was also found with a large amount of marijuana, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Charges against Miller include three counts of burglary, aggravated assault, simple assault, possession with intent to deliver, and several summary charges.

The bail is a $10,000 straight cash bond.

Behrend junior Richard Vetica was a resident in one of the apartments that was broken into. He was asleep when the assailant entered.

“At 6:30, I heard a bunch of stuff slamming around. It sounded like someone was drunk and mad, and then I heard stuff shattering, bottles breaking,” Vetica said.

Vetica described the scene in the disheveled apartment once he got up to investigate. 

A television had been split in half, and a laptop broken, Vetica said.

Numerous holes marred the walls. It was assumed that most of the damage had been done by a “heavy duty” snow shovel that the residents used for their sidewalk.

A distinct trail of blood was visible from the 1100 block to the 800’s, where Miller allegedly broke into a second apartment and assaulted a female student.

A concerned neighbor of the girl reported, “After trying to enter all of the apartments on the lower level, he broke into hers.”

When asked about the victim’s condition, the neighbors said that she seems to have recovered physically, aside from some residual bruises. 


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