Finding God on Gannon’s campus: Emotional storms can impact students as much as physical ones


Winter is almost here in Erie, and we all know what that means. Everyone is complaining about the snow.
In the summer, we praised the sun and its warmth until it was too hot.
Now in the colder seasons, we love the beautiful snow frosting the trees – until we go outside and feel its chill!
To prepare for this weather, I’m sure many are pulling their puffy coats and warm boots out of storage.
Getting ready for what Mother Nature throws at us is important to stay healthy and warm.
In the meantime, another type of preparation is upon us. The end of the semester is closing in quickly, and students are preparing for this as well.
Those thick coats and winter boots are necessary tools for cold walks to the library in freezing temperatures.
Students may not always realize it, but taking care of themselves from a holistic perspective is just as important as bundling up during this stressful season.
It can be really challenging to keep up with the high demands of school toward the end of the semester if other important needs are not met.
Taking a moment to prioritize and plan out how to manage time can be really useful in periods when time is so valuable.
Studying is important and college should be about academics first, but it is OK to take breaks, too.
The Recreation and Wellness Center has treadmill desks that can help students take care of their physical wellness while also working on academics.
If walking and studying isn’t preferred, a regular workout or workout class can be a terrific stress reliever.
Meditation can also be very useful to pause and find purpose and peace in times of frustration. Yoga can be useful, and guided meditations on YouTube are readily available.
Spiritually, I think many people find peace in prayer during finals especially.
I love to just listen to music or go to Mass to take my mind off things for a while.
Prayer doesn’t have to be long and extravagant; it can be as casual as just having a conversation.
God knows our lives have hills and valleys and he is there through them all.
He wants us to succeed and be happy, so having a conversation with him can turn fears and anxieties into love and comfort.
No matter how you take care of yourself during hard times, never forget that God loves all his children and everything will be OK in God’s time.

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