Knight offers some pre-holiday advice

As you all know, Thanksgiving is close to shore, if you will, meaning that it’s next week.
If you didn’t catch the Mayflower reference, I don’t put you at fault because it was a stretch; however, back to the point of this article. As the upcoming holiday and break loom in the distance, it’s easy to get lost in its mysticism.
It’s possible you might be daydreaming about being on break, hanging with friends and family. Well, snap out of it.
This time before break is really important in terms of being productive and getting things done.
Easier said than done, right? Countless papers, tests to study for, homework problems and assignments are all bogging you down as you make your quest to holiday freedom.
This is a crucial period of time in the semester because once everyone comes back from the holiday break and is recovering from their three-day vacation of eating, sleeping and having fun, it’ll be time to study for finals.
Soon finals will be here and the semester will end.
We know that it’s still November and finals start the second week of December, but it’s good to plan ahead because these upcoming weeks fly by quickly.
As with a lot of things in life, it’s nice to get things done as soon as possible so that there is room in your schedule later on for studying or any last-minute assignments that come your way.
Our advice: plan out everything you need to get done, write it down and just dive in and get things done. If you lack motivation, start with a simpler task so that you build some motivation, and feel some accomplishment.
We know we stress getting work done, but enjoy the process and take it day by day. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.