Some advice and the election

There are two big things happening Tuesday — advising day and the presidential election.
While it may feel like the first day you’ve had off in four years, it is the first time in hundreds of years students have absolutely no excuse to skip voting.
Admittedly, hundreds of years is a gross exaggeration, but would your newspaper exaggerate the importance of the election?
The Gannon Knight staff would like to remind you of the importance of voting. It may mean a way to pay for your degree once you graduate.
Whoever takes the title of the United States commander in chief for the next four years is going to affect your life, even if it’s indirectly.
We have been constantly bombarded with election “news” for the past six months, but now is the time to visit candidate websites and read up on them if you haven’t already.
Vote with your conscience, and vote for the sake of your country’s future.
Speaking of the future, advising day is an opportunity to do some posterity planning of your own.
You’ll be able to meet with your adviser and discuss your schedule for spring semester.
That part is painless. Scheduling for your classes might seem a bit more stressful, depending on what time slot the university assigns you.
One helpful tip is to fill out your schedule on GUExpress before your scheduled time.
That way, you can just select the “register” box when you are approved to schedule your classes. It speeds things up quite a bit and might save you another headache on election day.