Editors explore costume ideas

Believe it or not, Halloween is Monday. The staff at The Gannon Knight is celebrating this week with our editorial photos.

You might recognize some of the characters from childhood shows and movies — “High School Musical,” “Totally Spies” and Totally Kyle from “The Amanda Show,” to name a few.

We decided to pick characters based on our namesakes, and found that sifting through the ‘90s nostaglia is not as easy as it seems.

While some people remember Halloween by their humilating costumes or spending four consecutive years as the same character, it can be a fun way to play into your alter ego.

Channel your inner goth and dress up like a vampire or ghoul for a day. Go vintage with an “Addam’s Family” rendition.

Or take things totally out of the box by dressing as your favorite food — the internet can become your inspiration for dressing like a bag of Doritos or an avocado.

If spooks and goblins aren’t really your style, no worries.

Gannon is a Catholic university and it wraps up Halloween with All Saints’ Day on Tuesday.

Think of it as the Catholic take on Halloween. The church celebrates the dead and prays for the souls trying to get to the heaven.

It might sound sad, but it’s all about meeting these people when you make it to heaven, and making sure they get there to begin with.

All Saints’ Day is a Holy Day of obligation — meaning you have to attend Mass.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel will offer Masses at 8 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 4:35 p.m.