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  • Totally

    The best ships are friendships

    Jun 22, 17 • 935 Views • Kyle Joseph, OpinionNo Comments

    by The summer before my freshman year at Gannon University was easily the most memorable I’ve ever had. Graduating from high school the first week of June was a huge relief considering I didn’t particularly enjoy the previous four years at an all-boys...

  • Liv webr

    Reach new heights in your first year

    Jun 22, 17 • 1073 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by The person you are at the beginning of your freshman year of college is usually a completely different person than the one completing your second semester of school, but it’s a good kind of different. It’s not really a difference per se – rather...

  • Brando

    Remember how you got here

    Jun 22, 17 • 1158 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Right now you are reading this paper and I thank you for taking the time to see what I have to say. I hope you are excited to start the next chapter of your life. It’s a great time of life and you’re lucky to be here. Whether you or someone else is...

  • RA perspective: Advice to first-year students

    Jun 22, 17 • 1124 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Freshmen Resident Assistants (RAs) at Gannon University are able to observe, assist and learn from first-year students as they adjust to life in college. RAs recognize that the adjustment process is unique to every individual. Some students connect with...

  • Learn, discover and grow in faith at Gannon

    Jun 22, 17 • 1010 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Two Christians, a Muslim and an atheist walk into a conference. No, this isn’t a set-up to the punchline of a joke—it’s a unique opportunity through Gannon University’s Mission and Ministry Office that demonstrates the campus’s ability to cherish...

  • ABST photo

    Just jump right in: A Guatemalan experience

    Jun 22, 17 • 1092 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Upon signing up for one of Gannon University’s Alternative Break Service Trips (ABST), I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had volunteered throughout high school and had never been abroad, so I thought a volunteering trip seemed like a great...

  • Become a part of Gannon as a commuter

    Jun 22, 17 • 979 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by There is a common misconception with commuters that we are already a part of the Gannon University community and lack the need to become involved on campus or share our story. However, I fully believe that is not true for any commuter, but especially...

  • Greek Photo

    The good in joining Greek life on Gannon’s campus

    Jun 22, 17 • 1045 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by The vibrancy of Greek Life on the Gannon University campus can be seen in bright letter shirts and heard in the excitement fizzing from a victorious group after a Greek Week tournament. Gannon’s Greek Life represents impressive organizations that have a...

  • Black Student Union photo

    Black Student Union looks to educate campus

    Jun 22, 17 • 1113 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by A relatively new campus organization called the Black Student Union (BSU) has taken off and made a significant impact on the Gannon University campus in the past two years. Sometimes, the name can cause people to be taken aback or get the wrong impression...

  • Honors Story

    An HONORable mention

    Jun 22, 17 • 951 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by When students first arrive on the Gannon University campus, they are immediately bombarded with decisions. Choices about their majors, potential career options, social events and lifestyle are cast upon young adults as they wade through the treacherous but...