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  • issue4_features_beyerhall3

    Gannon University dedicates new Beyer Hall

    Sep 28, 16 • 339 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by The $6.3 million worth of renovations to Beyer Hall that took place over the past several months are finally complete, and the hall is now ready to host student organizations and administrative offices for years to come. On Friday, the Gannon University...

  • Deen Meah

    Vice President of Marketing and Communications: Deen Meah

    Mar 9, 16 • 728 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Why are you running for Vice President of Marketing and Communications? I’m running because this position is a position that informs students about things that are going on and I always hear about students saying how there’s something that they wanted...

  • Nathan Carlin

    Vice President of Marketing and Communications

    Mar 9, 16 • 609 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Nathan Carlin junior, software engineering major Why are you running for VP of Marketing and Communications? I decided to run because I have something to give to our campus community and I am prepared to serve the students of Gannon University. I will...

  • Kendra Walker

    Vice President of Finance

    Mar 9, 16 • 584 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Kendra Walker freshman, management & finance dual major Why are you running for Vice President of Finance? I am running for Vice President of Finance because I am a finance major and I also love organizing things. I feel that VP of Finance is a good...

  • zubda

    Vice President of Academic Affairs

    Mar 9, 16 • 684 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Zubda Khokar, junior, Biology major Why are you running for vice president of Academic Affairs? Originally, I wanted to run for VP of PR/Marketing, but then I went to the info session. I got to learn about all the different positions, and I felt a lot more...

  • Taylor Hasychak

    Vice President of Internal Affairs

    Mar 9, 16 • 591 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Taylor Hasychak Freshman, Nursing Why are you running for vice president of Internal Affairs? I am running for vice president of Internal Affairs because I want to make a difference in SGA. I have been in SGA since the beginning of my freshman year and...

  • Josiah Leach

    Vice President of Student Engagement

    Mar 9, 16 • 430 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by Josiah Leach Junior Psychology Why are you running for Vice President of Student Engagement? Well, I personally feel really engaged on the Gannon campus. I like to be involved in a lot of things. I like to help with big events and what’s going on. Being...

  • Old Main

    SGA debate sheds light on executive board candidates

    Feb 24, 16 • 626 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by While the results from Gannon University’s Student Government Association (SGA) executive board election won’t be available until after the elections, the candidates participated in a debate that was held Thursday. This year, two tickets are running...

  • SGA begins election season; candidates reflect on issues

    Feb 17, 16 • 550 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by The spring semester brings a new set of classes, lots of snow and eventually warmth to Gannon University students – it also brings election season to campus. Each year, the elections for the executive board of the student government association (SGA)...

  • mini college graduation cap on cash

    University fees benefit all students

    Jan 27, 16 • 645 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by As the spring semester begins, Gannon University students are probably looking at their tuition bills. While doing so, they may notice a section dedicated to various fees the university charges. Among these fees are the APB/SGA/Leadership fee, University...