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  • Goodbye, Gannon Knight

    Apr 26, 20 • 794 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I wanted to spend some time flipping through the old bound volumes of The Gannon Knight before I graduated. I had it all planned out: I could slip into the office on a quiet Saturday morning and pore through the old issues, stepping into different lives and...

  • Graduation

    Commencement moved to Homecoming Weekend

    Apr 3, 20 • 1336 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    Gannon announced Tuesday that commencement, originally scheduled for May 9, will now take place Oct. 4 in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend. The postponement of the highly anticipated ceremony is the latest in a string of university-wide cancellations...

  • Emo Soul

    The one thing I was glad to be wrong about

    Apr 26, 17 • 2066 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I absolutely hate being wrong about things – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. When I started college at Gannon, I made it a point to think of Gannon as just a school – and that’s what it felt like to me. I was only on campus a few hours out of the...

  • Madame Editor Princess Bride Beautiful Lady Chief

    Gannon Knight, thank you

    Apr 26, 17 • 1878 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Four years ago, I stepped into The Gannon Knight office on Seventh and Peach streets, and tried my best not to look intimidated. I never imagined myself taking the byline of editor-in-chief my senior year, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the...

  • Issue 19, Finding God

    Finding God on Gannon’s campus

    Mar 7, 17 • 4465 Views • Blogs, Finding God on Gannon's CampusNo Comments

    I decided to give up meal plans senior year – partly to improve my cooking skills and partly to get away from the added cost to my yearly tuition. What I didn’t account for, however, was how quickly the cost of buying groceries each week adds up. Soon...

  • Becky

    Everybody goes a little mad

    Nov 11, 15 • 1367 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Have you ever just got to that point while doing something where you feel like you could honestly be committed for getting so crazy-obsessed with it? Well, that’s the current mood I am feeling with a lot of my assignments and projects. I just am at that...

  • What needs to be on your end of the year checklist

    Apr 22, 15 • 1602 Views • NewsNo Comments

    I’m sitting in the final class of my senior capstone course. I listen to the professor dictate the items on our thesis checklist: “practice your presentation, remember to thank your panelists, eat, get plenty of rest and make time to have fun with the...

  • Upcoming graduate learns of classes she cannot take

    Mar 18, 15 • 1551 Views • NewsNo Comments

    We’re just about coming up on Advising Day and I’m hearing about all of these cool classes that people are offering next semester. “You should take it,” a lot of my professors say. But alas, I shan’t be here. It’s one of the things about...