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  • rsz_anneweb

    O’Neill serves as a role model for students

    Jan 22, 20 • 917 Views • Features, Top StoriesNo Comments

    To a stranger, Anne O’Neill could be viewed as just another woman, but to her female students of Gannon University, she is so much more. O’Neill has been labeled as a professor who exhibits girl power and pushes her young female students to step outside...

  • Disney releases heartwarming new Christmas movie

    Dec 4, 19 • 930 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    Over the years, Disney has released a number of Christmas movies. One of the most iconic Disney Christmas movies to be released was “The Santa Clause” film series. The films follow Scott Calvin, portrayed by Tim Allen, a successful toy salesman whose life...

  • Looking forward to the new year

    Dec 4, 19 • 706 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    With 2019 coming to an end, it’s crazy to believe how much has happened to me. I left the country on my own, I discovered a passion I didn’t know I had and I experienced a few losses, some good and some bad. Overall I can say that 2019 was a year of...

  • commencement

    Commencement ceremony to honor graduates

    Dec 4, 19 • 1726 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    Gannon University will be handing out 146 degrees at Winter Commencement Sunday. At least 117 students of the total 146 are expected to walk. Gannon’s Winter Commencement will be held at 2 p.m. in the Hammermill Center, located in the Waldron Campus Center....

  • The importance of saying “yes”

    Nov 20, 19 • 691 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    For most of my life I had been a planner. I often struggled with breaking a schedule and being spontaneous. New Years Eve of 2018, I was deciding what to make my resolution that year. I could have done the usual “I will lose weight” or “I will stop...

  • Disney introduces new platform

    Nov 13, 19 • 364 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    For some time, Disney has hinted they have been working on their own version of Netflix. On Tuesday morning, Disney released their new streaming service Disney+. It has been described as the “ultimate streaming destination for not only Disney, but also...

  • Music can mold our lives

    Nov 6, 19 • 393 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I have always been a strong believer that music is an essential part of who we are. In other terms, the music we listen to shapes who we are as a person. I was raised on whatever my mom was listening to, which consisted mainly of ‘90s female pop music, like...

  • Staying aware during flu season

    Oct 30, 19 • 317 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    As the leaves continue to fall, so does the number of students in classes. In the past few weeks, I have noticed more and more of my classmates being absent due to an illness going around. And to no surprise, I finally caught it. For the past few days, I have...

  • greg

    Gannon alumnus writes history book

    Oct 30, 19 • 1245 Views • Features, Top StoriesNo Comments

    Although it has been a while since he attended Gannon University, Greg Czarnecki still stays close to campus through various activities. In his time, Czarnecki has worn many Gannon hats: from a student to an instructor to the president of the alumni...

  • Personality tests: fact or fiction?

    Oct 23, 19 • 411 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I have always been fascinated by personality tests. At a young age, I would take personality tests in teen girl magazines like BOP and J-14. However, these ones would tell me which celebrity I was like more than my overall personality. In high school, I was...