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  • September

    Thrival kick-starts interest

    Oct 3, 17 • 216 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by Thrival holds a special place in my heart. They were the first festival to say yes. For the past two years, I have been able to cover the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, held in Pittsburgh, for The Gannon Knight. Full coverage of this year’s...

  • wiz

    Pittsburgh festival thrives in year five

    Oct 3, 17 • 583 Views • Arts & Leisure, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor The fifth annual Thrival Innovation + Music Festival held in Pittsburgh started and ended on a high last weekend thanks to innovation guest speaker and music festival headliner Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa, a Grammy-nominated rapper...

  • September

    What has Twitter come to?

    Sep 26, 17 • 309 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by I first got a Twitter account when I was in ninth grade. While procrastinating studying over the weekend, I decided I’d waste an hour of my life scrolling through my 10,000 archived tweets and retweets to find my first ever tweet. It reads: “Who needs...

  • September

    Editor adjusts to living space

    Sep 12, 17 • 1020 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by For most college students, an off-campus apartment is the ideal housing situation for your junior and senior year. You hopefully can upgrade to a bigger bed, your own room and possibly some air conditioning, with total freedom to do whatever you want...

  • September

    Editor’s summer music escape

    Sep 7, 17 • 306 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by find it funny that we end each semester with, “Have a great summer!” and return back to campus asking, “How was your summer?” when in all reality, we know the truth – summer sucks. Summer is just a little three-month game of how...

  • artpark

    Artpark to end season with BIG BANG

    Aug 24, 17 • 395 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the season for outdoor concerts will soon be over. Before that time comes, Artpark, an innovative outdoor venue located about 6 miles from Niagara Falls in Lewiston, N.Y., plans to go out with a big bang...

  • VWT3 2017

    Women of Warped Tour 2017

    Aug 15, 17 • 409 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by While another summer comes and goes, with it passes another season of the Vans Warped Tour. As the most famous traveling music festival in the U.S., the Vans Warped Tour has become an iconic symbol of heavy rock and punk pop culture and a summer staple for...

  • Liv webr

    Reach new heights in your first year

    Jun 22, 17 • 907 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by The person you are at the beginning of your freshman year of college is usually a completely different person than the one completing your second semester of school, but it’s a good kind of different. It’s not really a difference per se – rather...

  • Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.19.29 AM

    The Maine talk new album

    Apr 26, 17 • 719 Views • Arts & Leisure, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor A phrase and a feeling. For the early production stage of their sixth studio album, this is all The Maine had to run with. The Maine, an alternative rock band from Phoenix, released their album “Lovely Little Lonely” on...

  • Bad Suns band plays sold-out venue

    Mar 14, 17 • 423 Views • Arts & Leisure, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by By OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor A milestone for any band is the transition from playing as an opening act to headlining its own tour. For the past two years Los Angeles-based indie rock band Bad Suns have been making this transition, one small North...