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  • January 1993, Pasadina, California, USA: Michael Jackson performs at the Rose Bowl. On Monday, November 24, 2003, Michael Jackson publicly launched a new website dedicated to countering the molestation charges currently being levelled against him. The website,, is intended to be Jackson's "official source of communication," with Jackson writing that any statements purported to be about or from him that are not on the Web site are not credible. Last Thursday, Santa Barabara police booked Jackson on suspicion of child molestation; he was released on $3 million bond. The victim is reported to be a thirteen-year-old boy; it is widely reported that the boy is a cancer victim who appeared in the Martin Bashir documentary of Jackson that made waves when it aired early this year. Jackson has insisted that he is innocent of the current charges. However, he is no stranger to child molestation accusations; a 1993 scandal never amounted to charges because Jackson settled with his accuser in a multi-million dollar settlement out of court. Jackson is scheduled to be arraigned on January 9 in Santa Barabara Superior Court. Right now, the star is keeping a low level, while friends, family and fans have been rallying around the world to ponder the credibilty of the charges, hold vigils and wonder about the elusive star and his possibly sordid past.. Credit: Dan Cappellazzo / Polaris / eyevine

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    ‘Black or White’ Review

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    by Michael Jackson was born on Aug. 29, 1958, in the state of Indiana. At the young age of 6 and being the eighth child of the Jackson family, he started his music career as a member of the Jackson 5 and remained a major part of the group until his solo...