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  • Gannon’s favorite day is back again

    Mar 20, 18 • 4673 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    The time has come yet again for advising day. As you read this, you might be waiting for your meeting with your adviser or you might have met with your adviser and are enjoying the free day from classes. Well, as long as you don’t have a class after 4:30...

  • Walk of shame or walk of duty?

    Apr 25, 17 • 3694 Views • Knightly News, NewsNo Comments

    It wouldn’t be springtime if there weren’t people exploring the streets. Unfortunately, not all explorers are there to enjoy the weather. At approximately 4 a.m. Monday, a female student reported that she was approached by a female demanding her...

  • self loathing

    Spring break, where you at?

    Feb 14, 17 • 1898 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Your sleep schedule is destroyed. The bags under your eyes have become permanent. Every yawn and body ache is just a reminder of how badly you want to go back to bed. Every time you finish an assignment three more pop up —...

  • Broke? So is everyone else

    Jan 25, 17 • 1103 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    Studies show the third Monday of January is one of the worst days of the year — you’re most likely to be broke, depressed and lonely. Emphasis on broke and depressed. The reality of winter has begun to set in, the UV level in Erie is one or less and...

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    Finals: Not the end of world

    Dec 6, 16 • 1529 Views • Knight Vision, Opinion4 Comments

    While the staggering students might look like something from “The Walking Dead,” finals week is not the zombie apocalypse. It’s not the end of the world, folks. Life goes on, even if you don’t get the grades you anticipated. Even if it feels...

  • Never stop being thankful

    Nov 29, 16 • 1172 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Gannon University put together a #GUThankful campaign that aired on TV and featured students on a billboard near the Millcreek Mall. The campaign showcased testaments of what made students thankful to attend Gannon as part of...

  • Post-election panel coming

    Nov 15, 16 • 1103 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    Tensions were at an all-time high Nov. 9 when the results of the presidential election determined Donald Trump will be the next POTUS. Opinions and emotions were divided, and the Gannon University campus felt it. Trump’s campaign was replete with rhetoric...

  • Editors explore costume ideas

    Oct 26, 16 • 837 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    Believe it or not, Halloween is Monday. The staff at The Gannon Knight is celebrating this week with our editorial photos. You might recognize some of the characters from childhood shows and movies — “High School Musical,” “Totally...

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    Family Weekend opens on Friday

    Sep 21, 16 • 1043 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    This weekend, Gannon University students are invited to bring their families and siblings on campus for a complete weekend itinerary of events, food and fun. Even if you’re not signed up to participate, be courteous of the younger population visiting campus...

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    One cannot live by pizza alone

    Sep 14, 16 • 1149 Views • Arts & Leisure, Knight VisionNo Comments

    One great thing about college is all the free food. You can literally plan your schedule around which clubs will offer you dinner and what events will bring dessert without spending a dime. You learn all kinds of lessons in college — how to live on a...