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  • Why writers are needed now more than ever before

    Feb 5, 20 • 267 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    We live in a world that focuses heavily on science, math and technology. When asked what kind of career they want to go in to, most young people say the health sciences, engineering or technology fields. Very few say they want to go into a field in the...

  • The secret life of a journalist; the future of journalism

    Dec 4, 19 • 1166 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    For my last column of the semester, I have decided to address a topic very close to my heart – the future of journalism. All through high school and college I have been told that journalism, especially print journalism, is a dying industry and I shouldn’t...

  • Student reflects on importance of storytelling in history

    Oct 2, 19 • 407 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    My favorite part about doing the Features sections of the paper are the “Today in Gannon History” photos. Every Friday I get to visit the archives and work with the lovely ladies there to find photos that match the issue that week. This week especially...

  • Brandon

    Job hunting is just like journalism

    Apr 10, 18 • 4125 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    As my endeavors transition from that of a college student to that of a college graduate, I equate my job search to — or what it needs to be — a “Fast and Furious” movie — living one quarter-mile at a time. Or one job search at a time. I must admit...

  • Kate pattys color

    The New York Times’ elevators confuse editor

    Apr 10, 18 • 975 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    As stressful as this semester has been, I am thankful that I’ve had numerous opportunities to get off campus and find an escape from the madness of classes. On Monday, I visited the concrete jungle of New York City for the first time in my life and got to...

  • Library Color

    Gannon enables students to pursue their passions

    Jan 30, 18 • 2049 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    If there is anything I have learned from my now two and a half years on campus, it is that it is OK to feel a little lost sometimes. When I came to Gannon, I had my heart set on becoming an English teacher. I spent a semester studying in the education...

  • ESC Logo

    Gannon students visit Erie Sports Commission

    Oct 25, 17 • 1196 Views • NewsNo Comments

    The Erie Sports Commission welcomed a small group of Gannon University students Thursday afternoon to talk about its mission and discuss the internship program it offers. Erin Hart, assistant director of employer relation in the Gannon’s Career and...

  • Ross Gay

    English Awards Night returns

    Mar 28, 17 • 1800 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    By KELSEY GHERING editor-in-chief The Gannon University English department will host acclaimed poet Ross Gay and those inclined to listen to him at the campus-wide English Awards Night at 7:30 p.m. April 5 in the Yehl Ball Room. Originally from the suburbs of...

  • harleeweb

    How writing has helped me

    Nov 8, 16 • 1056 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Since my last column two weeks ago, I have been thinking about some of the reasons that I write as much as I do. The feedback that I got from friends and family on that column particularly meant the world to me. After losing someone with whom I was extremely...

  • Olivia 9.6

    ‘Journalism found me’ editor says

    Sep 28, 16 • 1185 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Journalism is something that I didn’t really look for — rather something that fell in my lap, or my schedule. My junior year of high school I had to choose between yearbook or journalism as a “filler” class to complete my schedule and I randomly...