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  • refugee class

    History students to accept donations for refugees

    Apr 20, 16 • 1217 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Imagine getting off a plane from a warm, war-burdened country and finding yourself in a cold, dark Erie. The only clothes you own are shorts and flip-flops, no winter coat to protect yourself from this frozen white water falling from the sky....

  • Schuster Theatre tells its story

    Oct 29, 14 • 1026 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by The bottom of the television screen reads “#inthemoment,” advertising the new Lincoln MKC starring Matthew McConaughey.  During the commercial, the 2014 Oscar winner talks about going back in order to move forward. The gist of the message is that...

  • New course examines fashion industry’s roots

    Mar 12, 14 • 1788 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by For the first time at Gannon University, students are learning about fashion from a historical point of view. John Vohlidka, Ph.D., an assistant professor of history at Gannon, is teaching a History of Fashion class this semester. Vohlidka said for several...

  • New professor imparts cultural understanding

    Jan 29, 14 • 1271 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Carolyn Baugh’s affinity for Egyptian culture is evident in all aspects of her life, especially her office. Colorful tapestries, framed family photos and Arabic posters adorn the walls. Baugh, an assistant professor in Gannon University’s history...