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  • Parking Garage

    Adios and vaya con dios everyone

    Apr 24, 18 • 3870 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by It’s that time of the year — time when we all fight to the finish line to get our projects done, do our best on tests and find time to make our way to Sara’s for a milkshake. I know I’ll be trying to come to Erie whenever possible after I graduate...

  • front page

    PostSecretU comes to Gannon

    Apr 13, 16 • 1838 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by Gannon University’s chapter of Active Minds will be sponsoring PostSecretU, an interactive program from Active Mind Inc., this week in the reference room of the Nash Library. Active Minds is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to...

  • Roose

    Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Katy Roose

    Mar 18, 15 • 1633 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by By MIKE FUJITO assistant a&l editor Why are you running for VP of Clubs and Organizations? Currently, I am in the position now, so I know that with my studies and everything, I can handle the workload. Over the time of my term, I fell in love with my...

  • Grace---Album-Review

    Album acts as turning point

    Jan 21, 15 • 2159 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by The time is 3:07 a.m.; it is a Monday morning and tonight has been surreal to say the least. Without going into too much detail for my university newspaper, it is important to know that this semester marks a new start for me – or at least the start of a...