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  • Brandon

    Fake news stops here

    Apr 4, 17 • 1115 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by The term “fake news” has been circulating in our media a lot lately and I’m here to discuss it. So buckle up and get ready. In my mass media and pop culture class we were discussing the topic of fake news at 9:05 in the morning and I was devouring my...

  • kelsey web

    Fight the fake news Nazis

    Mar 28, 17 • 678 Views • Kelsey Ghering, OpinionNo Comments

    by You are reading a peer-reviewed article. Two other people read and reviewed this column before it was printed in The Gannon Knight. I know what you’re thinking. “But wait, aren’t I in the opinion section of the newspaper? Isn’t this...

  • olivia-wb

    Real or not real? News issues

    Jan 17, 17 • 743 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by When it comes to voicing opinions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter I hardly ever participate in sharing my views. Aside from the occasional shared video or rogue Tweet or two, I try to keep my opinions to myself, mostly because I hate...