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  • Christmas

    Get up and get moving every day

    Nov 29, 17 • 340 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by As I come back from a relaxing, turkey-infused break, I would like to mention that I enjoyed all of my favorite foods that I ran through in last issue’s column. I would also like to talk about an issue that affects students, faculty and adults. I don’t...

  • Issue15_Features_Rec1

    Explore fitness options at Fair

    Jan 31, 17 • 1059 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by The 13th annual Wellness Fair is almost here. On Tuesday, the celebration begins. Are you ready? Good for U wants to remind everyone of all the great things going on at the Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) this year and prepare you to “Navigate Your...

  • Fall break arrived in time to relieve stress

    Oct 22, 14 • 1076 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Midterms are probably the second most stressful week of the semester, and I was so thankful for fall break. It was strategically placed for right when all the students would need it the most. With midterms being this week and last, it makes you realize how...