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  • Amazon Echo improves way of life

    Nov 13, 19 • 144 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted one of those things that turns the lights on and off when you clap. Every time I saw one of those things on TV or in a movie, I remember thinking the epitome of luxury. Anyone who had enough money to do...

  • How to make college feel like home

    Nov 6, 19 • 199 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by I don’t know about any of you, but I cannot spend a lot of time in a place without putting something up on the walls. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, and since I’ve come to college, I have been able to have complete control over...

  • Finding joy in the little things

    Oct 30, 19 • 238 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by There’s a great song by Sonny and Cher that has a line “it’s the little things that mean a lot,” and I completely agree. Throughout each day, I find that there are almost always a million things that go wrong. I wake up with a crick in my neck, I...

  • war

    Hidden gem ‘The Current War’ premieres to little fanfare

    Oct 30, 19 • 276 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by What if I told you that a movie just came out in theaters that combined the acting talents of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Shannon? Would you be surprised to find out that you had no idea this movie existed? I certainly...

  • joker

    No such thing as bad publicity: ‘Joker’ laughs its way to the bank

    Oct 23, 19 • 349 Views • Arts & Leisure, Top StoriesNo Comments

    by When I heard that an origin story movie was in the works for the Joker, I didn’t know how to feel. On one hand, I was interested to see what direction the film would take, but on the other hand, I knew from the moment that I heard about the movie that I...

  • Finding music in movies and more

    Oct 23, 19 • 277 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by Where do you get your new music? Is it from hearing it on the radio? Is it by word of mouth? Is it from seeing a new album coming out from your favorite artist? I genuinely want to know, because I have the hardest time finding new songs to listen to, and I...

  • Pros and cons of YouTube Premium

    Oct 16, 19 • 345 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give my wallet a little bit of a break, and I stopped paying for YouTube Premium. I wasn’t watching any of the original content YouTube was putting out, and I have Spotify, so I didn’t need to use YouTube Music. My...

  • jexi

    Devine scrapes the bottom of the barrel in ‘Jexi’

    Oct 16, 19 • 609 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by Throughout the history of movies, technology and its evolution has been a central theme. Whether we’re talking about “Terminator,” “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence,” “RoboCop” or “Her,” there is a plethora of movies that deal with the...

  • D-Box seats dissatisfy

    Sep 25, 19 • 270 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    by For years, I have been going to the Tinseltown movie theater here in Erie. Since I have to do a movie review each week, I am comfortable with most of the ins and outs of the theater, but there was always one thing that I had never tried: D-Box seating. For...

  • it

    You’ll float too if you see ‘It: Chapter 2’

    Sep 18, 19 • 472 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    by Something is coming. We can all feel its presence. It is . . . the spooky time of the year. Insert cheesy lightning and thunder sound effects here. Yes, it’s true, just as people start playing Christmas music way too early in the year, as soon as...