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  • The struggles of road trips

    Feb 12, 20 • 281 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I recently went on a road trip with a friend from high school to visit James Madison University in Virginia. I had made this six-hour drive once before, but never with a road buddy, so I was excited to have some company other than my Harry Potter audiobooks....

  • Finding fun in studying

    Jan 29, 20 • 308 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    With the lull of syllabus week behind us, many of us students are facing the first exams of this new semester. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I personally am not ready. My head is still stuck in Christmas break mode; all I want to do at this...

  • bad boys

    The ‘Bad Boys’ are back and better than ever

    Jan 29, 20 • 300 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    Growing up, my cousin always told me this story of him and my dad going to see “Bad Boys II” in the theater. I was just a toddler at the time, so I don’t remember any of this, but apparently, the two of them left to get away from everybody and my dad...

  • Headphones or hassle?

    Jan 22, 20 • 287 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Ever since my first real cellphone, I have been an Apple fanboy. I started out with an iPhone 4S, and I was immediately hooked. When compared with an Android phone of similar specs, I always found the iPhone to be a more intuitive and better put- together...

  • 1917

    ‘1917’ captivates audiences, earns Oscar nod

    Jan 22, 20 • 274 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    Over the long Christmas break, I spent most of my time doing what I do best, watching movies. In the month we were away from school, I saw a good amount of movies that I had been dying to see since I first saw their trailers, but none hit as close to home as...

  • Forgetfulness teaches patience

    Dec 4, 19 • 663 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    I’ve been told all my life that I would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on. I used to get really offended by that, but now that I’m a little bit older, and a little bit wiser, I have found that that statement is completely true. I am in my element...

  • 21

    ‘21 Bridges’ sheds new light on being a cop

    Dec 4, 19 • 575 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    Sometimes, a movie trailer comes along that takes on a life of its own and becomes its own self-contained piece of fiction to be enjoyed by everyone who sees it. Recently, Chadwick Boseman’s latest film, “21 Bridges,” did just that. With a gripping...

  • zombie

    Return to ‘Zombieland’ before it leaves theaters

    Nov 20, 19 • 826 Views • Arts & LeisureNo Comments

    I feel like I have to get something off my chest before I talk about this movie. I’ve only just watched the original “Zombieland” for the first time this month. I know, here I am pontificating about how much I like movies and am a movie buff, and I...

  • The art of pulling an all-nighter

    Nov 20, 19 • 325 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    There never seems to be enough time in the day. Just as soon as you think that you have a moment to relax, a whole laundry list of issues pop-up. The dishes need done, that paper needs finished, the toilet is clogged again and floor needs swept. For many...

  • Amazon Echo improves way of life

    Nov 13, 19 • 422 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted one of those things that turns the lights on and off when you clap. Every time I saw one of those things on TV or in a movie, I remember thinking the epitome of luxury. Anyone who had enough money to do...