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  • Kelly-Clarkson-press-photo-credit-Weiss-Eubanks-2016-billboard-1548

    Kelly Clarkson returns with ‘Meaning of Life’

    Nov 7, 17 • 631 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by Kelly Clarkson has discovered the meaning of life and she’s here to share it. On Oct. 27, Clarkson released her newest album, “Meaning of Life.” The 35-year-old singer songwriter began her career working several small jobs to collect enough to record...

  • Olivia web

    Concerts never disappoint

    Mar 7, 17 • 769 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by By OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor When I was 8, I went to my first music concert at the Crawford County Fair with my grandmother to see Clay Aiken. Wow, that’s even more tragic when I write it out. Anyway, needless to say my first concert experience was...