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  • commencement

    Renovations continue for Gannon chapel

    Dec 4, 19 • 312 Views • NewsNo Comments

    The renovations for Gannon University’s Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel are closer to completion, as the goal remains to have the project finished by the end of the spring semester. The design for the chapel will hopefully be approved by the end of the month,...

  • rsz_gu-_pic

    New Gannon initiative launches

    Nov 20, 19 • 461 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    You may have noticed the GU+ symbols painted on the ground along popular Gannon University walkways, and those have to do with GU+. This week starts training sessions to introduce employees, faculty and staff to the service framework that GU+ is all about....

  • The life of a broke college student

    Nov 20, 19 • 303 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    College students are notorious for being broke, thanks to heavy loans and long hours devoted to classes and studying that limit when someone can get a job. Students are set up to have this broke lifestyle. We eat our ramen and our macaroni and cheese cups. We...

  • rsz_registrar_building_revised

    Waitlisting creates issues for certain students

    Nov 13, 19 • 449 Views • NewsNo Comments

    As registration begins for the spring semester, waitlists form and advisers worry about how prepared their students will be. One adviser and associate professor in the School of Communication and the Arts, Mary Carol Gensheimer, said the waitlist system has...

  • hackathon

    Gannon hosts second annual Hackathon event

    Nov 6, 19 • 413 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    Billboards are up all over town announcing Gannon University’s second annual Hackathon Cybersecurity Competition, which is scheduled for the next two Saturdays. The event originally was launched as a marketing and recruiting tool for the new I-HACK programs...

  • rsz_arch2

    Annual security report reveals violations increase

    Oct 30, 19 • 604 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Gannon University’s annual security report showed an increase in disciplinary reports relating to both drug possession and alcohol violations on campus in 2018 when compared with previous years. Comparing the numbers on the report, the number of...

  • Learning to ask for help can be more beneficial than hurtful

    Oct 30, 19 • 202 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Asking for help has always been hard for me. It felt like weakness. But, help wouldn’t be there if you should not ask for it. Now, it’s my job to make sure people can reach out for help. I have no room to hesitate about getting help when I need it —...

  • rsz_morosky

    Morosky College being revamped

    Oct 23, 19 • 1005 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    Gannon University’s Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences is facing some major program restructuring throughout the next three years. The restructuring will result in five schools created and organized under the Morosky name. Under this plan,...

  • chapel

    Gannon chapel undergoes changes

    Oct 16, 19 • 752 Views • News, Top StoriesNo Comments

    With a gas well leak discovered under Gannon University’s Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel, renovations are swiftly underway in a $1.25 million project. As of Oct. 8, the buildings surrounding Gannon’s chapel — the student services building and the...

  • meditationWEB

    Mindfulness and meditation help students relax

    Oct 16, 19 • 430 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    As the semester heats up, it is essential to remember to take a few minutes and breathe, to relax and to avoid burnout right as midterms finish and finals begin. A great way to avoid this burnout and to recharge is by incorporating mindfulness and meditation...