Students to see increase in cost of tuition

Apr 25 • News, Top Stories • 1789

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Gannon University students can expect to see a 3.3 percent tuition increase heading into the 2018-19 academic year.
According to Haley Figurski, media relations and marketing manager, the increase was the outcome of a meeting of the Gannon Board of Trustees in February.
Figurski said that Gannon has been committed to excellence in teaching in order to ensure students are prepared to become global citizens and leaders within their chosen professions.
According to Figurksi, through this commitment, the university has invested in students by creating programs such as the Public Service and Global Affairs and Software Engineering International degrees. These programs were designed and implemented to follow the emerging fields.
Along with the introduction of new programs on campus, Figurski also said that Gannon has been focusing on bringing in new technologies to their facilities in order to prepare students with a real-life feel for what their future careers will entail.
Students from each of the various colleges on Gannon’s campus can expect to see an increase in their tuition costs.
According to Figurski, students in the business, education, humanities and science programs will see a $500 increase in tuition, bringing the tuition cost to $15,590 per semester. Students in computer science, engineering and health science programs can also expect to see a $530 increase, bringing the tuition cost to $16,530 per semester.
Figurski said that the tuition increase is due to the different lab equipment and various types of classrooms and labs on campus that are designed to offer quality education to students within all fields of study.
According to Figurski, Gannon aims to remain in the lowest quarter of tuition increases among similar universities.
Figurski said that Gannon will continue to expand in order to create beneficial experiences for students.
“The university plans to build on its dedication to achieving student success with new initiatives in academics and student life, expanding support for existing academic and athletic programs as well as student services and to continue the momentum of campus improvements as part of our commitment to a transformational student experience,” she said.
“The university looks to expand program offerings in emerging fields and provide the necessary learning environments to accommodate program and student enrollment growth at its Erie and Ruskin campuses.”
According to Figurski, Gannon remains committed to giving students the opportunity to take advantage of affordable education through scholarships, grants and awards.
Figurski said that Gannon’s average financial aid award for the 2017-18 academic year was $25,829 per student, while the average in 2016-17 was $24,832 per student. The average financial aid award for 2018-19 will not be known until the fall seme ster.
Robert Sexton, a junior accounting major, said that he is concerned about the increase because he pays to attend Gannon on his own.
“These tuition hikes have many people worried, especially students paying out of pocket like myself,” he said.
Sexton said that he believes the cost of education is already a main issue for students.
“The exorbitant cost of schooling in the first place has many students, who already cannot pay the high cost, struggling to find solutions themselves to find ways to fill the gaps,” he said.
“I hope the school will find a cost-effective solution to the increasing rise of price to students.”
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