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Where “Have a blessed day” comes from

Apr 17 • Opinion • 5611

I will miss a lot of things when I graduate from Gannon University, and one thing that I will remember is the warm greeting Chante’ gives when you enter the cafeteria, hand her your ID and after she swipes it she says, “Have a blessed day.”
It’s something so simple, but it means so much, and she and the other Metz Culinary Management employees acknowledge the intention behind the iconic phrase.
Pete Mannarelli, general manager of Metz at Gannon, said that he and the staff try to make everyone feel warm and welcome.
“I know a lot of these kids are away from home, and seeing a friendly face or a ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ just makes people feel better,” he said. “I know it makes me feel better when I go places.”
Mannarelli went on to say that it’s all part of hospitality and gave high marks to Chante’ for doing a great job.
After talking with Mannarelli in Doc’s Landing, I met Chante’ in the cafeteria and talked to some of the staff there.
In the cafeteria I talked to the morning supervisor, Crystal, whom I regularly see saving the day each morning as she opens another register at Doc’s to make checking out faster.
She said that to her, “Have a blessed day,” is another way of saying “Have a glorious day.”
Krissy, another Metz employee, said to her it means to have a positive attitude.
“Definitely a glass half-full instead of half-empty,” she said.
Another Metz employee named Margay thinks that by saying it and embodying the spirit of the phrase, it can change the giver and the receiver of the message.
“The kids may be having a bad day, but when you see a smiling face and you offer somebody a blessing or ‘have a good day,’ I think it perks them up, so I think it changes their attitude,” she said.
Kelly, who works over in pizza, said that as she’s making the pizza and the bread she thinks about the students those items will feed.
“I’m hoping that you have a blessed day and that’s how I feel about it,” she said.
To Kim it means to try and have the best day that you can and to not let things get you down and to keep truckin’.
“I pass it off every morning and I say a little prayer in the morning before I come to work,” she said. “I try to have a positive attitude throughout the day and if somebody else is having a bad day I try and help them have a better day and carry that on.”
It’s nice to see that other employees express that phrase throughout their day through different aspects of their job.
I’m sure it’s not easy dealing with hungry college students all day, but I have to say, they are probably the best in the business when it comes to it.
So next time Chante’ tells you to “Have a blessed day,” know that it comes from more people than just her.
Also remember to take a moment to thank those who feed you and maybe even have a conversation with them if time permits.
This is a busy time of year but it never hurts to slow down and say hello to someone. I appreciate all Metz has done in making Gannon special, from talking with me to asking how my day is going in passing. Those things mean a lot, and I will always remember the wonderful hospitality you show. Thank you.




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