Editorial board applications available

Mar 14 • News, Top Stories • 1475

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Applications are available for students interested in serving on the Editorial Board of The Gannon Knight for the 2018-2019 academic year. The form can be obtained by emailing Brandon Jaces, current editor-in-chief, at jaces001@knights.gannon.edu or Knight adviser Frank Garland at garland003@gannon.edu. Applications are due Friday, April 6, and can be submitted to Garland by email or dropped off at Room 319 of the Center for Communication and the Arts.

Positions for editors and assistant editors are available for the news, sports, features and arts and leisure sections. The Knight also is looking for copy editors, a photo coordinator, a Roundtable editor, a social media editor and a business and advertising manager. Scholarship funding is awarded for select positions. Contact Garland or The Knight staff at gannonknight@gannon.edu for further information.

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