WERG attends IBS media conference, receives awards

Mar 14 • News, Top Stories • 1230

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Ten students from Gannon University’s student-operated radio station, 90.5 WERG, attended the 78th annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s (IBS) media conference March 1-3 in New York City. WERG brought home seven trophies — one national award and was a finalist in six other categories.
Lauren Sovisky, the production director of WERG, won the national award for Best Use of Sound Effects.
WERG was a top-five finalist for best college radio station for universities with enrollments of 10,000 or less, best morning show, best event promo, best promotion video, best on-air schedule and best training manual.
According to Chet LaPrice, the operations director of WERG, the staff continues to attend the IBS conference to gain more experience outside of the classroom. He said the conference allows students to gain a crucial perspective of the industry, as well as learn new information during the multiple panels held during the event.
LaPrice said that the conference featured panels discussing a variety of media topics. Sovisky had the opportunity to head one of the digital production panels, Will Gadson, Matt Fassnacht and Matt Newara hosted a sports talk roundtable and LaPrice hosted panels discussing programming, campus promotion, budget and marketing.
LaPrice said that he does not have a single proudest win from the event, but rather enjoys seeing the overall success of WERG and its staff.
“I don’t single-out any achievement; I am proud of the overall ‘culture of excellence’ at WERG and the reinforcement we receive by being nationally-recognized as content creators and managers,” he said. “If you want to learn how to do this successfully, come to Gannon. We always strive to create an environment where creative individuals can nurture their talents.”
According to LaPrice, the WERG staff is already planning ahead for the next conference, discussing what categories they will strive to win next.
LaPrice said that the students who attended the conference represented Gannon in a great way, and he was proud to see them do so.
LaPrice said he believes WERG is an example of how student-run media is still successful today.
“Student-operated media, in the hands of inventive writers, performers and producers, is alive and well,” he said.
Veronica Kowalski, WERG’s social media director, said that she enjoyed the learning aspect of the event.
“I think it’s a great opportunity for the staff to go to the conference as a learning experience and it’s a chance to network with so many people,” she said. “But it’s also beneficial because we’re able to learn from other schools what works for them, which could be a solution to a problem we might be having and vice versa.”
Kowalski said that she leanred a lot of useful information from the panels she attended and she plans to use this knowledge within her position at WERG.
She said that the conference gave her information regarding resumes, cover letters and other tips that will help her in her future career.
Paige Groff, the news director for WERG, said that she was excited for the opportunity to travel with some of the staff, as well as learn from other schools during the conference. She also said that she plans to attend the event next year.
Kowalski said that the conference was a rewarding experience overall, and plans to go to the conference next year as well.
“It’s a great occasion that lets us represent Gannon and WERG,” she said.

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