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Powering through remaining weeks will pay off

Mar 6 • Harlee Boehm, Opinion • 1990

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We have finally made it to the final stretch of the semester, and let me tell you, it is a really good feeling.
With midterms complete and spring break behind us, I am ready to take on the few remaining weeks of my junior year strong.
I know that some of us may want to just throw in the towel at this point in the semester, but it is important that we continue to work hard and finish out the school year with a bang.
Only a handful of exams and projects stand between us and the glorious months of summer break.
There are even some lucky students who only have a few more obstacles between themselves and graduation.
Working through these next few weeks will not be easy, but everyone can do it as long as they remain focused and motivated to finish out the year putting their best foot forward.
As the weather begins to improve, everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful around campus.
Seeing all of our peers in such great moods can be very motivational during this point in the semester.
While we slowly transition out of winter and into the spring months, we should use the motivation brought upon us by this change to put all of this new energy into our work.
As someone who seems to struggle through the colder months, I always find it easier to clear my head and put more time and effort into my work and studying once the weather gets a little nicer.
I find that my mood reflects the environment around me, so I am always more motivated to get things done at this point in the year.
We are heading toward the perfect weather to go outside and take a walk to get some fresh air into our systems.
If you find yourself needing an extra boost of energy, go outside and allow yourself a moment to breathe and clear your mind.
There is nothing wrong with taking a step back from your work in order to regain your sanity and process through your thoughts with a clearer head.
This can sometimes be exactly what you need to come up with your next big idea, or simply give yourself more room in your mind to absorb new information.
At Gannon, I know that I am surrounded by people who work hard every day to achieve their goals academically. As we all work through the final weeks of the semester, we should all understand that we are a community and we are all working toward our goals together.
Even though the thought of upcoming final exams and projects can be extremely overwhelming, it is important to look forward to the relief we will all feel once we put down the pencil after our final exam of the semester.


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