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Olympics bring everyone together

Feb 20 • Brandon Jaces, Opinion • 3418

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In Erie, many students and faculty might find themselves waiting for sunny, snow-free days. Maybe that’s because Erie thrives as a summer town or because driving and walking to class in the cold with the wind hardening your face like the hands of a farmer is less than desirable.
For whatever reason, people enjoy the warmth here in Erie and I can understand that because I spent the past summer in Erie, and it completely changed my perspective on the city.
However, this article is about the other season Erie thrives in — winter. Yes, ole winter visits Erie for quite some time each year, and this year it left its mark as we were graced with seven feet of snow.
If it weren’t for winter, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate and enjoy those sunny days, so it balances out.
However, the focus on winter has shifted from Erie to the eastern hemisphere in PyeongChang, South Korea, as we watch people glide down mountains, ski across the plains and shred the gnar on the halfpipe — righteous, bro.
Yes, I am talking about the Winter Olympics. The Olympics are great for many reasons – they inspire everyone — or at least me — to go bobsledding, and watching luge is like winter NASCAR, but with just one person.
No matter the sport, people seem to become so invested in the Olympics, even if they don’t know what they’re watching.
It’s simply awesome to see people nail a routine while figure skating or swiftly taking calculated turns down a snowy mountain.
Watching people as young as 17 make history winning gold gliding down a mountain on a board is just amazing.
You can truly see the raw emotion, grit and talent that go into each move and run as they leave it all on the snow and ice.
Sometimes this really comes through if the cameraman gets a shot of their reaction after a run.
To me that’s what sports are about and it makes it much more entertaining for people to watch.
Another great thing about the Olympics is how the games bring people together.
It’s something people can bond over and that’s one of the greatest gifts the Olympics can provide.
As long as there’s a TV and some people, a bond will be formed, whether it’s seeing a miracle on ice or someone land a triple axel.
I really appreciate that about the Olympics because no matter who you are, you can come together and show your appreciation and love for your country.
Whether you’re from the U.S., Japan or Slovenia, you can root for your teams to do their best.
We might not have the highest medal count, but that won’t stop us from going for gold.
Not having the lead hasn’t stopped us in the past. Just look at when George Washington crossed the Delaware — it was cold and a holiday. Bold move, George.
I hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the Olympics with friends, family and strangers. It’s always fun and you’ll see some sports you don’t get to see often — or ever — and that’s something special as well.
Maybe winter in Erie isn’t so bad after all.


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