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Take a moment to appreciate your time at Gannon

Feb 13 • Harlee Boehm, Opinion • 1992

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This week, I was informed that midterms are right around the corner. I say “informed” because I have been under the impression that midterms were weeks away for approximately two months now.
It seems to me that I am not the only student who feels suddenly personally attacked by the upcoming exams.
While walking around campus, I have heard many people say that it feels like midterms have snuck up on everyone way faster than they ever have before.
I have had friends tell me that it still feels like the start of the semester, and I can relate to that. It feels as though we are still just warming up for the semester, not already half of the way through it.
I have always found that the spring semester tends to zip by faster than the fall semester.
I’m not sure if that’s due to the spring and Easter breaks, or the excitement for the grandest of all the breaks — summer vacation.
Either way, I feel as though my entire junior year at Gannon is about to end before I know it.
It honestly feels like I just began my journey with Gannon, and it is sad to know that the journey will eventually come to an end.
If time keeps moving at the speed it seems to be going at the moment, my time as a Gannon student will be over before I can even blink.
Most of my friends will be leaving Gannon this year, whether it is because of graduation or them furthering their education outside of Erie.
I am learning to appreciate the time left with them on campus.
It may seem like we have many more weeks of hard work ahead of us, but I think the time will continue to fly by.
As my past columns have suggested, I am a big believer in taking time to reflect and allowing yourself to appreciate moments in your life without letting them slip away too quickly.
I have been told by many professors and mentors that your college years will go by in what feels like an instant, and up until now I refused to believe them.
I am realizing that every cliché we are told during orientation is absolutely true.
As much as we all complain about deadlines and exams, I feel as though many of the people around me are beginning to realize just how quickly our time on campus will come to an end, and it is making us appreciate the time we still have to be around our friends while studying what we love.
I have been looking forward to graduation since my first day of my freshman year, but now I kind of wish that time would slow down.
At least long enough for me to have time to really take a mental picture of how my life looks right now.


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