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Always respect all creatures, people

Jan 30 • Brandon Jaces, Opinion • 3405

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Had you been walking the second floor of Beyer Hall Monday around 7 p.m. you would have seen a conglomeration of people in Yehl Ballroom.
The Rev. Bonaventure Chapman, an assistant professor of philosophy at Providence College in Rhode Island, was giving a talk to all who would listen.
Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the talk about friendship — with God, men and domestic beasts; however, I wish I had because you just don’t hear a good talk about man’s relationship with God, others and animals all in one bundle. It’s about as great a bundle as TV, internet and phone.
While I seem to be taking this lightly, I must be honest with you and say that I mean it when I say that I do wish I attended this talk.
I like to think I have a relationship with God and other people who can put up with me, and of course — animals.
If you don’t know, now you know — I love animals. And I’ve loved them ever since I was little.
Just flip over to the next page and ask Kyle. I used to send him videos of dogs on Instagram — while he still had it — because he shares the same affinity for dogs and animals that I do.
From as far back as I can remember, our family has always had a dog in our household, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
If we went to the zoo, I was glued to the giraffe exhibit for at least an hour, even in the blizzardy winters of Northeast Ohio.
When I was little, we were instructed to draw out what we wanted to be in second grade so that we could transfer it onto a pillow. I drew myself as a dog washer. Another parent asked my mom if she was concerned. She kindly said no.
Maybe I’m telling too much, but if you’ve read this far, I appreciate it.
You know the saying — dogs and humans go together like peanut butter and jelly. OK, I know that’s not the saying, but I think it’s true.
There’s a special bond with dogs that develops over time by having them by your side. From late nights watching movies in the family room to sharing some pizza crust on a Friday night, it’s inevitable that you will bond.
While the relationship from hunting companion has morphed into other things for some people, the bond is still there.
I recently heard a story about a dog whose owners gave her up, but she walked 20 miles twice to go back to them.
Something about dogs from their unselfish love to the twinkle in their eye has my heart.
I’m not exactly sure what Chapman talked about in Yehl Monday night, but I’m sure it was much more eloquent and academic than my thoughts.
However, one thing is for sure, and that is it is important to respect all of God’s creatures — human and animal. No matter if it’s a dog, cat, fish, guinea pig, squirrel, flamingo or moose.
We also must respect people and their faiths as well. I could be off because I wasn’t there, but that’s what I believe.
I hope you got something out of this whether it was a laugh or a good takeaway message. If not, you can gain a great follow on Instagram by following my pup Winston-Milo. If you didn’t think I was weird, you probably do now.

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