Get up and get moving every day

Nov 29 • Brandon Jaces, Opinion • 838

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As I come back from a relaxing, turkey-infused break, I would like to mention that I enjoyed all of my favorite foods that I ran through in last issue’s column.
I would also like to talk about an issue that affects students, faculty and adults. I don’t like to complain, so I don’t mean to come off as whining, but I did come to a realization over break.
I concluded that I sit too much. I understand that this is mostly my fault because I could just get up and move, but I think it’s an issue that impacts many people.
Let’s face it, many of today’s adults and students live life sitting in front of a computer screen.
When I was driving my grandma to my uncle’s for dinner, she mentioned that it’s important to be active.
Her comment was what got the wheels turning in my head. I recalled that it is important to listen to your elders and so I decided to pay attention.
We’ve all heard it before: get up and move, don’t sit all day and everywhere you go there are standing desks. It’s like everyone went to see Oprah live and she was giving out free standing desks to everyone and their mother.
Personally, I think it’s great if you’re into that kind of thing. For me, I’ve realized that I need to start moving more.
Not just from a physical standpoint, but it would be a much more productive use of my break time than scrolling through Instagram looking at everyone’s pictures of their Thanksgiving Day plate. While I appreciate a good-looking plate of food, it’s not helping my productivity.
Humans were meant to move and while a lot of jobs require a person to sit, it’s important to make time to move. I also think it’s important to get out of stuffy spaces and into the fresh air.
On the flip side, many jobs require you to move all day, and I’m sure people with those jobs would appreciate being able to sit once in a while.
Like most things in life, it’s a game of balance between sitting and moving.
I realize people are busy, so I’m not suggesting everyone run a mini marathon during their lunch break.
However, maybe take a walk after work, hit up the rec center to do some post-holiday muscle pumping or do a dorm room workout.
Mother Nature has been kind to us this week and given us some beautiful weather to enjoy. So before the weather turns, get outside and enjoy a bike ride, walk or run at Presque Isle.
If you don’t want to head out there or don’t have a means to get there, just stick around campus.
No need to get crazy, just move around and get outside when you can.
You’ll be surpirsed, it’ll help you get through writer’s block for that paper you’ve put off all semester, you might feel re-energized after a walk outside and if you get your friends involved, you’ll have some fun along the way.
Best of luck with the last couple weeks of the semester because I’m sure everyone will be much busier with schoolwork.
Just remember when work is dragging you down, take a break and go play outside.
Use your imagination and most importantly enjoy it. It’s one time during the day where you can put everything aside and let your inner child play.


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