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Oct 25 • Brandon Jaces, Opinion • 755

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I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, minding my own business, when a short video from UNILAD popped up on my feed.
Finally, something mind-numbingly simple and dumb — perfect for me.
The caption with the video was, “He mails himself from his local post office back to his house. I can’t believe this worked.”
Me either, UNILAD, and the caption sold me for the next seven minutes of my life.
So, as you can imagine, a guy gets a big box, gets inside it, his girlfriend wheels him into the post office and he’s off on his postal journey.
My first question was, how much did this cost? Because I’ve mailed a letter in the last year and it cost me 69 cents for a stamp and that letter was lighter than a credit card.
I couldn’t imagine what it would cost to ship a grown man. But I applaud him; he’s using his disposable income well.
In my mind, if I were to do this, I’d follow this guy’s example. He took all the right precautions, made some sandwiches, brought a bottle of water, his phone, a camera to record it and he wrote “This End Up” facing the correct way on the outside of the box.
Despite single-handedly duping the postal service, there were some things he didn’t seem to prepare for.
For instance, he wore jeans. Why would you wear jeans? It’s way too hot in there. This brings me to my next point — poke some more dang air holes in the box if it’s going to be so warm.
Lastly, what about a bathroom? However, later on in the video my nerves were calmed as he brought a glass bottle with a cork to close it because you can never be too fancy in any circumstance.
It isn’t clear how long this journey is, but I think it’s around two days. I also want to know if he made the return address the same as the address he’s sending it to.
I mean, I’m sure it’s been done before. I know I like receiving mail, but no one sends me any mail. If I wasn’t so cheap maybe I’d send myself something.
Through the video you are shown how rough the package is handled, so he might have just exposed his town’s postal service. But I guess if you mail yourself in a box you deserve to be thrown around a little bit.
So somehow this guy lived off bread and butter sandwiches, eggs and a singular water botle filled with Coca Cola for two days, in a hot box, in the same position.
I really hope this wasn’t fake because it was pretty awesome, and his creativity inspired me to write the best damn commercial for my copywriting class yet after I watched his success.
Thank you to UNILAD and Facebook for keeping me entertained. Keep it up, Zuckerberg. Also, thank you to America for giving us freedoms such as life, liberty, drive thrus, jorts and the potential to chase wild dreams.
There’s never a bad time to thank America for your freedoms.


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