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Time goes fast

Sep 19 • Knight Vision, Opinion • 1330

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They say time flies when you’re having fun, but time flies when you’re busy too.
Right now you’re probably a little of both. Between class, extracurriculars and socializing, the days probably seem to go like the snap of your fingers.
We are currently in our fifth week of the semester, which means we have 11 more to go.
At first glance that might look like a lot, but just reflect back on how fast the first five have gone.
As the semester continues and everyone gets busier, the days, weeks and months will fly by even faster.
For those of you who live on campus, or off campus but away from home, get ready for a parental message from your university newspaper.
Even though the semester is still young, it will go fast and work will pile up.
If you have grades that aren’t up to par, start to turn those C’s to B’s and those B’s to A’s for the industrious students out there.
Before you know it, it will be midterms, then you will be scrambling to get your grades up.
For those who are trying their best and need some extra help sign up for a tutoring session at the Student Success Center.
Another option is to go directly to the source, aka your professors. Pay them a visit during their office hours and ask them questions in class.
For students doing well, keep up the good work and don’t fall into a slump.
Regardless of your current academic status keep working hard because the moment you let up is when you fall behind.
When it boils down to it and the final grades have been turned in, you should be able to look at yourself and say you did your best.
Good luck from The Gannon Knight staff, and keep working hard this semester.

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