Valentine’s Day, pink madness: Not my thing

Feb 10 • Opinion • 1503

I’ve spent most of my life trying as hard as I possibly can to not be one of “those” girls. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I am, unabashedly, one of those girls – I hate Valentine’s Day.
The subject came up in one of the conversations I had with my sister the other day.
“You just don’t like Valentine’s Day because you’re single this year,” she said.
While it’s true, I am, in fact, single this year, I have never liked Valentine’s Day.
When you’re in elementary school, teachers make a big deal out of the day. They plan parties where you have to bring something sweet and heart-shaped to share with the class.
You spend the days leading up to it making pink and red heart-shaped crafts. You make and decorate little cardboard mailboxes for all the cards that you’re supposed to be getting.
All of the kids are supposed to bring little treats or cards to put in your mailboxes. For some reason, everybody was supposed to be your Valentine, because that definitely happens in the real world.
Even as a kid, I hated the holiday. Pink was – and still is – my least favorite color. Imagine my expression as I walked into the classroom when it looked like Cupid puked up all of his Valentine’s Day cheer.
Now when I walk into the stores – and it seems like it gets earlier each year – all I see is a mess of red and pink. Stuffed animals, jewelry, chocolate, flowers, greeting cards, chocolate, wine, gift bags, chocolate, lace doilies, more chocolate … the list goes on.
Not only do I hate the holiday because of all the cheap, superficial things that you’re expected to spend your money on, but I hate it because you’re expected to prove your love for that one special person on this day specifically.
The premise of Valentine’s Day sounds like something that Americans created way back when, but it’s actually a globally recognized holiday.
I get why some people like the holiday – it’s nice to receive presents and know that somebody loves you. The thing that I don’t like is that you’re expected to participate.
Couples are always trying to outdo other couples. You’re always trying to top last year’s gift to prove your worthiness.
It’s a nice sentiment, setting aside a day to remind your significant other that you care, but shouldn’t we be doing that every day?
We shouldn’t have to set aside a day to remind us to care. We should be able to show our affection all year round.
So no, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day because I’m single. I hate Valentine’s Day because it gives us an excuse to not remember to be a decent partner all of the other days in the year.
My sister and I have made a pact this year – since both of us are single, we’re just going to get each other something small the day after Valentine’s Day.
Besides, isn’t that the best part about the holiday? All the chocolate is 70 percent off on Feb. 15.



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