Living in an incovenienced society

Feb 3 • Becky Hilker, Opinion • 3543

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Some people actually just blow my mind. Not by doing something extraordinary but by thinking they are entitled to something, or some form of treatment just because they believe they are above everyone else.
I was out to breakfast with my boyfriend Sunday morning at Perkins, and I had to hold myself back from just face palming myself. If you have ever been to Perkins on a Sunday morning, you will know it gets rather busy – any breakfast establishment on a Sunday morning is generally packed full, for that matter.
But this one lady and her family just couldn’t fathom the idea that they had to wait to be seated to have food cooked and served to them. I guess the idea that maybe a family got there before them, or maybe, just maybe, other families in Erie had the same idea.
This entitled family was told they had to wait maybe 10 to 15 minutes before a table for the four of them would be ready. After being given this devastating news, she wobbled over to an empty bench, complained loudly about the wait and how “ridiculous” the entire situation was, and slumped on the bench to wait.
She had her arm resting on her leg and her face pressed up against her hand sulking until her name was called – which ended up only being five minutes after they sat down. Once her name was finally called, after the excruciatingly long wait, she walked over – still complaining—and continued to look like someone just killed her dog.
It just baffles me how people have become so inconvenienced by the smallest of things that should be seen as a luxury. You are going to a restaurant to have people wait on your every need, and somehow waiting five minutes is outrageous?
People are literally killing each other for food in countries around the world, walking 5 kilometers to get water and some days not even eating or drinking at all – but having to go a few minutes without sitting or eating has become an insulting request to some. It is disgusting.
When my boyfriend and I got to our table, I had the misfortune of being seated in direct sight of the wonderfully impatient woman and her offspring. She continued to sit there and just pout, and her beady little eyes looked like she was having PTSD flashbacks to last Sunday when she had to wait for a whole seven minutes.
It’s one of those moments where you are just so shocked and morally surprised by someone’s actions that the only feeling you get is an overwhelming, laughable embarrassment. I am temporarily living in a country where I feel ashamed for some of the humans I am surrounded by.
Some people are just so ignorant, self-absorbed and misguided they believe they are the only thing in this world that matters and if something isn’t given to them when they ask for it, they have the right to be rude, snobby and childish.
It is becoming very difficult not to say something. My boyfriend, however, is more courageous than I am to make a comment. So, let me correct my above statement: it is becoming very difficult to ask him to just ignore the situation because it is getting to a point where something needs to be said.

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