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Jan 20 • Brandon Jaces, Opinion • 808

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Recently, the Browns fired general manager Ray Farmer and coach Mike Pettine after their awful 3-13 season.
This isn’t the first time the coach has been blamed for poor performance on the field. Why blame the coaches? Maybe the problem isn’t on the sidelines; maybe it’s the players’ fault, not the coaches’ fault.
That’s my opinion; you can’t expect a coach to establish a winning team in a year or two, especially when you are coaching the Browns. I’m not trying to put down the Browns but it does take time to work with such a team and turn it into a winning program.
I think they should have kept Farmer and Pettine and invested in some receivers and developing a quarterback. The coaches can’t control turnovers, missed blocks and fumbles. Those mistakes are on the players and if you eliminate those mistakes and string together a few solid drives, you have yourself a ballgame.
If you’ve ever watched a Browns game you know what I’m talking about. Every time the Browns seem to get ahead they destroy their momentum with a bad play or a false start. Now how can that be the coach’s fault? That’s on the players; coaches can’t teach common sense and can’t be on the field to do the job themselves.
The only positive I can think of is that owner Jimmy Haslam realizes this and sees Hue Jackson as a good offensive coordinator coming from a team that went pretty far this season and can help tighten up the Browns’ play. However, after Cincinnati’s last game with the Steelers the some heat might be given to the Browns for hiring a Bengals coach. At least some of the attention won’t be on Johnny Manziel so that he can pay attention to football and not his second identity.
There’s always next year, so they say and I’m excited for a fresh start but I’m hoping they cut the coaches some slack this time.


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