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Oct 28 • Knight Vision, Opinion • 1113

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The Gannon Knight is thinking about expanding and broadening our reach by taking our stories to the radio.
We want to give our readers a physical voice to the one they read, add another journalistic element and tease upcoming stories for the next issue.
By partnering with 90.5 WERG we are not only joining the team of the No. 1 College Radio Station but we are gaining another asset as journalists. We will be given the opportunity to learn a new skill and expand our resumes by just walking down the hallway.
With the world of journalism quickly growing, we must adapt and find new ways to remain relevant to our admired readers.
We will report and record the stories and the talented WERG staff will take it and run. This partnership will help us enhance our readership by creating listenership.
Being a part of The Gannon Knight or the WERG team isn’t exclusive to communication or journalism majors. We encourage all majors to join the family and write, broadcast or do both with us.
We are a small newspaper with a big history. In order to compete in the ever -growing world of journalism we need your help.
Gannon is a hands-on learning university, and just because something isn’t related to your specific major doesn’t mean it can’t be an interest or hobby of yours.
Take a chance and write for The Knight. We are expanding our horizons by trying to appeal to a broader audience, so, join us in the adventure and you never know, you might just find your true life’s calling.
Come on, try something new – that is what college is for, isn’t it?

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