Editor enjoys fall break with family and friends

Oct 21 • Opinion • 848

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Everyone comes up with a list of things they are going to do over break. This may be catching up on homework, visiting old high school friends and above all else, catching up on sleep.
The entire car ride home you keep telling yourself you are going to be productive and get everything on your list done, but the moment you step foot inside your family home all productivity goes out the window. In the end the only thing you are capable of achieving is falling asleep every opportunity you can.
For me, my procrastination started on Wednesday, which was my first full day of break. I decided to take the day off as a reward for all the work I had put in the semester already. It was wonderful just lounging around watching Netflix, but by the next day I realized just how much work I actually needed to get done.
The days leading up to break my entire mindset with work was I’ll just get it done over break. I figured that the time I actually spend completing the tasks was only a few hours out of my day. However, when you factor in my superior procrastination skills along with having to prepare for upcoming deadlines my break became devoted to all things school-related.
I went on break to catch up on some seriously needed rest and relaxation, but I ended up doing more work than I had originally intended. However, looking back on it now, I’m glad I did my work over break because I didn’t have to spend the entire day Sunday rushing to get stuff done.
Even though I spent most of my time off in the midst of schoolwork, there was something that made break worthwhile. Saturday was my parents’ anniversary and I took the opportunity to freeload a bit. Our evening began with a romantic candlelit dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant in Cleveland.
It was so nice to spend an evening together, just the three of us. After a three-course meal, we made our way over to Playhouse Square for our entertainment for the evening.
We saw the musical “Bullets over Broadway,” and it exceeded my expectations. It was originally a screenplay written by Woody Allen, but has since been adapted for the stage. It is set during the ’30s and follows David Shayne, a struggling playwright in New York City.
In order for one of his plays to be produced he has to cast gangster Nick Valenti’s untalented girlfriend Olive Neal in a sizeable role.
For me, the best part of the musical was the choreography. The choreographer referenced dances that would have been popular during the time period and created dance moves that characterized the different roles – especially with the gangster ensemble.
Even though the beginning of my break was consumed by school work, I was still able to relax and enjoy some time off with my family. Now all I have to do is get myself back into that college mindset.


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