• Issue13_Features_March

    Students traveling for pro-life march

    Jan 16, 18 • 185 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Gannon University’s Students for Life organization is preparing to make the trek to Washington, D.C., this weekend to participate in the world’s largest pro-life rally of the year, the March for Life. According to its website, the theme of this...

  • Good for U promotes spiritual wellness this month

    Dec 5, 17 • 191 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Gannon University’s Good for U initiative invites students, faculty and staff to fortify their spiritual wellness as we continue to be thankful for the things that we have as we go from Thanksgiving break into finals week, semester break and the...

  • Issue7_Features_AlumKnights

    AlumKnights: Missing finals week

    Dec 5, 17 • 145 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Finals weeks are college memories burned into your brain and yet they are also like snapshots: pancakes and pizza at midnight, every single couch or chair on campus being used by a student cramming an all-nighter, comparing notes in the hallway as each...

  • Issue12_Features_Christmas

    Gift-giving doesn’t have to be difficult

    Dec 5, 17 • 173 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by The holidays are some one of the most joyous times of the year, but for college students, they can also include some incredibly stressful weeks. In the midst of studying for finals, it’s possible you might have forgotten that Christmas is only a few...

  • Issue12_Features_TodayInHistory

    Today in History: 1997

    Dec 5, 17 • 142 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Robert “Joe” Luckey poses with a faculty member at the annual Gannon University staff Christmas party on Dec. 6, 1997. Luckey was one the most beloved members of the Gannon community, working over 55 years as a maintenance worker. Luckey was awaded the...

  • Issue11_Features_TodayInHistory

    Schuster Theatre: 1992

    Nov 29, 17 • 163 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by The Schuster Theatre presented William Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale” Nov. 12-21, 1992. The upscale production of the classic Shakespeare play about love and deception featured the Rev. Shawn Clerkin as King Loentes, who is not pictured. The...

  • Issue11_Features_OldMain1898

    Gannon building rich in Erie history

    Nov 29, 17 • 335 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by While many students have known Old Main as Gannon University’s administrative building, most do not know about its history and significance to Erie. The history of the mansion began with William L. Scott, who served as mayor of Erie in the late 1860s and...

  • Issue11_Features_Rec

    Good for U promotes emotional wellness

    Nov 29, 17 • 365 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Gannon University’s Good for U initiative invites students, staff and faculty to look at continuing to promote wellness around campus. As we return from Thanksgiving break and look ahead to finals week, the reminder is to embrace your individual...

  • Issue11_Features_Kru

    KRU Clothing to launch thrift campaign

    Nov 29, 17 • 773 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by A $1,200 Raf Simmons jacket, a $750 pair of Balmain jeans topped off with a $300 pair of Jordans and a $180 Supreme T-shirt. We live in a world where material items have completely taken over our lives. This epidemic has especially affected those who love...

  • Issue10_Features_TodayInHistory

    November in Erie: 1976

    Nov 14, 17 • 155 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Men attempt to clear the road enough for snowplows on the corner of Seventh and State after heavy snowfall in November 1976. The Lake Erie region received persistent lake-effect snowfall through the end of 1976, leading up to the infamous “Blizzard of...