‘Knight Vision’

  • Digital kiosks come to campus

    Mar 28, 17 • 464 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Back in the good old days, the campus maps were a 2-D display with murky, weather-stained images of campus. “What’s that blob next to Zurn?” “I think it’s Palumbo — oh wait, it’s bird s—.” And that’s assuming...

  • Make the most of Advising Day

    Mar 22, 17 • 377 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Peter Cottontail and Easter break are on their way, but you have to make it through Lent first — or at least the rest of your assignments. The good news is we’re almost halfway through some of the darkest days of the year. But there are ways to make...

  • world map

    Global forum wants voices

    Mar 15, 17 • 397 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Besides the usual links to the Nash Library and your Gold account, Gannon University recently released copies of its strategic plan for 2017 on the Gannon portal. Here, you can read up on the goals your university has for next year, which include points...

  • Campus safety important here

    Feb 21, 17 • 435 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by The forecast is looking unusually sunny lately, and while that may mean more daylight to go frolicking – or stumbling – in, it also means it’s great weather for cyclists looking for extra cash. At least that seemed to be the case Sunday on...

  • self loathing

    Spring break, where you at?

    Feb 14, 17 • 560 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Your sleep schedule is destroyed. The bags under your eyes have become permanent. Every yawn and body ache is just a reminder of how badly you want to go back to bed. Every time you finish an assignment three more pop up —...


    Dare to speak up, be heard

    Jan 31, 17 • 568 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Sometimes, reading the news can be disheartening, but it’s still important to stay informed. Perhaps you shared this sentiment Friday, when Donald Trump signed an executive order, informally known as the Muslim ban. It restricts all refugees and citizens...

  • Broke? So is everyone else

    Jan 25, 17 • 485 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Studies show the third Monday of January is one of the worst days of the year — you’re most likely to be broke, depressed and lonely. Emphasis on broke and depressed. The reality of winter has begun to set in, the UV level in Erie is one or less and...

  • Clean up your act, avoid theft

    Jan 17, 17 • 414 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by Reports of stolen property on campus cropped up Friday in an email addressed to Gannon University students. The email informed students things had been stolen from Palumbo Academic Center. The email reminded students the new semester is an “opportune...

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    Finals: Not the end of world

    Dec 6, 16 • 922 Views • Knight Vision, Opinion4 Comments

    by While the staggering students might look like something from “The Walking Dead,” finals week is not the zombie apocalypse. It’s not the end of the world, folks. Life goes on, even if you don’t get the grades you anticipated. Even if it...

  • Never stop being thankful

    Nov 29, 16 • 598 Views • Knight Vision, OpinionNo Comments

    by In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Gannon University put together a #GUThankful campaign that aired on TV and featured students on a billboard near the Millcreek Mall. The campaign showcased testaments of what made students thankful to attend Gannon as part of...