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  • September

    Editor adjusts to living space

    Sep 12, 17 • 1180 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by For most college students, an off-campus apartment is the ideal housing situation for your junior and senior year. You hopefully can upgrade to a bigger bed, your own room and possibly some air conditioning, with total freedom to do whatever you want...

  • September

    Editor’s summer music escape

    Sep 7, 17 • 412 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by find it funny that we end each semester with, “Have a great summer!” and return back to campus asking, “How was your summer?” when in all reality, we know the truth – summer sucks. Summer is just a little three-month game of how...

  • Liv webr

    Reach new heights in your first year

    Jun 22, 17 • 1024 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by The person you are at the beginning of your freshman year of college is usually a completely different person than the one completing your second semester of school, but it’s a good kind of different. It’s not really a difference per se – rather...

  • Liv webr

    People will always leave

    Apr 26, 17 • 1345 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by For all you “One Tree Hill” fans out there I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “people always leave.” Spoken by the angsty Peyton Sawyer, it’s the most memorable line from the early 2000s hit drama series aside from...

  • Olivia web

    Best Sundays at Grammy’s

    Apr 4, 17 • 1404 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by Sundays are meant for napping, avoiding responsibilities and enjoying Sunday dinner, and anyone who disagrees simply isn’t spending their Sundays correctly. My favorite of the three sacred Sunday activities would definitely be Sunday dinner, mostly...

  • Editor finds freedom in Kia

    Mar 28, 17 • 678 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by Over the weekend I regained some pride and freedom by finally being able to bring a car on campus. After three semesters spent “sharing” a car with my younger sister, to say I was ready to have my own vehicle would be an understatement. I guess...

  • Olivia web

    Education not about outfits

    Mar 22, 17 • 799 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by After nearly four semesters spent at a university, I can now verify something absolutely revolutionary and outrageously provocative that many of my administrators in my former high school wanted to suppress. Contrary to their beliefs, the quality of an...

  • Olivia web

    Editor dreams of optometry

    Mar 15, 17 • 809 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by The first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up was a ballerina. How typical. Although I did steal the show at my debut dance recital as the most outgoing and cutest miniature mouse, I quickly learned that my chances of becoming a professional...

  • Olivia web

    Concerts never disappoint

    Mar 7, 17 • 636 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by By OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor When I was 8, I went to my first music concert at the Crawford County Fair with my grandmother to see Clay Aiken. Wow, that’s even more tragic when I write it out. Anyway, needless to say my first concert experience was...

  • Olivia

    Climate change is not fake

    Feb 22, 17 • 752 Views • Olivia Burger, OpinionNo Comments

    by BY OLIVIA BURGER a&l editor While the weather this past weekend did amazing things for my seasonal depression, it wasn’t particularly a good sign for Mother Nature. Unless you are a total hermit who hates sunshine, you probably spent some time...