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    Adios and vaya con dios everyone

    Apr 24, 18 • 4927 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by It’s that time of the year — time when we all fight to the finish line to get our projects done, do our best on tests and find time to make our way to Sara’s for a milkshake. I know I’ll be trying to come to Erie whenever possible after I graduate...

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    Where “Have a blessed day” comes from

    Apr 17, 18 • 5114 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by I will miss a lot of things when I graduate from Gannon University, and one thing that I will remember is the warm greeting Chante’ gives when you enter the cafeteria, hand her your ID and after she swipes it she says, “Have a blessed day.” It’s...

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    Job hunting is just like journalism

    Apr 10, 18 • 3650 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by As my endeavors transition from that of a college student to that of a college graduate, I equate my job search to — or what it needs to be — a “Fast and Furious” movie — living one quarter-mile at a time. Or one job search at a time. I must...

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    The race for MicroLED screens

    Mar 20, 18 • 4671 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Technology giant Apple is making waves that will come to fruition in the next few years to combat competitors such as Samsung, which has been on the upswing with cellular devices such as the Galaxy S8 and S9. Apple’s iPhone X boasts a larger screen than...

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    Professor bestows book to students

    Mar 13, 18 • 3808 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by It has been awhile since I’ve been assigned a book to read for class and have actually gotten through it and have enjoyed the book. Sure there have been some summer reading stories I’ve enjoyed over the years, and I read a Harry Potter book once back...

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    A purposeful companion

    Mar 6, 18 • 4245 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Going home for break means I get to see my family, and part of that family is a large, fluffy, tail-wagging friend — Winston Milo. The amount of jumps, yelps and attention that can only be interpreted as excitement that all of us receive from this dog...

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    Olympics bring everyone together

    Feb 20, 18 • 3984 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by In Erie, many students and faculty might find themselves waiting for sunny, snow-free days. Maybe that’s because Erie thrives as a summer town or because driving and walking to class in the cold with the wind hardening your face like the hands of a...

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    Gannon students work Super Bowl

    Feb 13, 18 • 3797 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Some Gannon University students were able to do something recently that most people will only dream of doing in their life – go to the Super Bowl. Ten students had the opportunity to spend six days in Minneapolis, which led up to volunteering at the...

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    Buffalo hosted job fair Saturday

    Feb 7, 18 • 3690 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Saturday was a big day for me for two reasons: I attended a job fair and I saw the city of Buffalo, N.Y., which is so buffaloved by many Gannon University students. The job fair was great. I met with many people in the communications biz from television to...

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    Always respect all creatures, people

    Jan 30, 18 • 3786 Views • Brandon Jaces, OpinionNo Comments

    by Had you been walking the second floor of Beyer Hall Monday around 7 p.m. you would have seen a conglomeration of people in Yehl Ballroom. The Rev. Bonaventure Chapman, an assistant professor of philosophy at Providence College in Rhode Island, was giving a...