• Issue7_Features_AlumKnights

    AlumKnights: Becoming involved

    Oct 24, 17 • 263 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by I graduated from Gannon University in 1961 and, for about 50 years, I concentrated on my family and my career as I made my way in this world. In 2011, I co-chaired our 50th class reunion and was reintroduced to Gannon with great gusto. I was offered the...

  • Issue5_Features_Alum

    AlumKnights: A call to serve

    Oct 3, 17 • 320 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by Editor’s note: Lisa Spiller, Ph.D., is a 1982 alumna of the College of Engineering and Business and received her MBA from Gannon University in 1984. Lisa is a 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient. Each year, Gannon recognizes outstanding alumni...

  • Issue3_Features_GIVEDay1

    AlumKnights: GIVE Day continues after graduation

    Sep 19, 17 • 884 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by As a Gannon University undergraduate, GIVE Day generally works its way onto your academic calendar. Gannon works hard to cultivate a culture of volunteerism, in part because this university understands how much more we gain in our lives when we give. What...

  • AlumKnights: Remaining a part of the community

    Sep 12, 17 • 291 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by One minute I was your typical college student, comfortably navigating campus life surrounded by a circle of friends and sorority sisters, as well as faculty and staff that had my back; the next minute I was dancing under the Gannon arch in my graduation...

  • emerson-thoreau

    AlumKnights: Changing seasons

    Mar 28, 17 • 826 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by “The earth laughs in flowers,” American writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, and if that’s true, spring must be the happiest time of the year. There are very few occasions quite as effective as the return of spring to evoke thoughts...

  • Issue20_Features_Alum

    AlumKnights: The family circus

    Mar 14, 17 • 1644 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by Our oldest child has become obsessed with Bil and Jeff Keane’s “The Family Circus” comic strip. It’s one of the oldest and well-known strips around, and is known for its use of a single panel, a design similarly used by “The Far Side,”...

  • Issue18_Features_Alum

    Senior Social fast approaches

    Feb 21, 17 • 1215 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by Networking is crucial for seniors who are preparing to graduate and start their career. Many individuals’ careers begin with networking, which continues to allow them to grow and fulfill their career expectations. Gannon University has various...

  • Presidential elections soon

    Feb 8, 17 • 558 Views • AlumKnightsNo Comments

    by Maybe it’s too soon to think about it now, considering we just came off such a divisive national election, but the Student Government Association (SGA) is holding presidential elections Feb. 14-16. Why should you care about the SGA president? For one...

  • Issue16_Features_Alum

    AlumKnights: No ‘what ifs’

    Feb 7, 17 • 877 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by As I reflect on my education and work accomplishments, the one message that I can offer others is to “Go big or Go home.” Similar statements can be applied to sports, where “you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” As an industrial...

  • Issue13_Features_Alum

    AlumKnights: The influences we make

    Jan 17, 17 • 1115 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    by As another year has come to an end, many of us will take the opportunity to reflect on 2016 and make resolutions for the New Year. What were your “shining” moments? What decisions could you have made differently? Who were the people who influenced you...