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    Fighting harshest critic: yourself

    Jan 27, 16 • 1106 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Coach always says this to my team, “The only competition this year is going to be ourselves.” Which, I agree with completely. Our harshest critic is always going to be the inner demons who make you feel like you’ve done nothing right, every decision...

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    Thinking before you speak

    Jan 20, 16 • 1143 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by I am a very passive aggressive person – I don’t like to go out of my way to confront people. However, that doesn’t mean when something does happen, I won’t deal with it. There are a lot of things that I have learned over the past few months about...

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    A world of creative freedom

    Dec 9, 15 • 1626 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by I honestly can’t believe that this semester is over for me in two days. It has probably been the most stressful one, but it has surprisingly been my best in regards to my grades. This semester I completed my capstone classes for my journalism major and...

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    Pro-life should be for all life

    Dec 2, 15 • 1182 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by When I hear someone say they are pro-life, to me, it makes me believe that they are pro-life for everyone – not just the unborn. This is why it disgusted me to know that when a cruel man opened fire on a Planned Parenthood clinic Friday in Colorado he...

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    What has our world become?

    Nov 18, 15 • 1243 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Best way to end violence? Well, according to the world we currently live in, the answer is with more violence. This, to me, is very strange. How can one individual, group or country drop a bomb or blow up a building, killing hundreds to thousands of people...

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    Everybody goes a little mad

    Nov 11, 15 • 1162 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Have you ever just got to that point while doing something where you feel like you could honestly be committed for getting so crazy-obsessed with it? Well, that’s the current mood I am feeling with a lot of my assignments and projects. I just am at that...

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    Europe has right idea

    Nov 4, 15 • 1156 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Did you know that there are seven countries where it doesn’t cost you everything you have to go to school? You don’t have to be drowned in debt for the rest of your life to achieve a higher education? Shocking, I know. It’s so strange that a student...

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    Is it really almost over?

    Oct 28, 15 • 1138 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Go to college they said. It’d be fun they said. I certainly got my advice from the wrong people because the current perception I have of college is anything but fun. Stressful and overwhelming, are more accurate characteristics of my experience. There...

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    Canadians go Liberal

    Oct 21, 15 • 1145 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by We were always called a Liberal country, even though we had a Conservative prime minister, but I guess now, as of Monday night – we truly are Liberals. The Canadian people voted and decided we were tired of our current prime minister, Stephen Harper....

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    Hockey’s in my blood

    Oct 7, 15 • 1572 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by It is starting to feel a lot like hockey season. The air is getting colder, Canadians are getting rowdier and Tim Hortons lines are getting longer. This is my favorite time of year. It used to hold a different meaning, however, four years ago when I would...