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    Become the author of your life story

    Apr 27, 16 • 5021 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by We are the product of our imaginations and the choices we have made along our journey of becoming someone. Whether it was a decision you regretted making or something you wish you could have said – you are who you are because of a choice. It is a choice...

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    Some injuries can’t be played through

    Apr 20, 16 • 4142 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by With only a couple games left in my college athletic career, I got injured and reinjured during my lacrosse game last Tuesday. During my sophomore year I tore my labrum in my left hip. I had to get surgery and I missed that entire season. I have come to...

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    Open letter to mom and dad

    Apr 13, 16 • 4118 Views • Becky Hilker, Opinion2 Comments

    by This is an open letter to the people in my life who never stopped loving me, believing in me and inspiring me – my mom and dad. I know I can be a difficult person. Sometimes I cannot express my thoughts or feelings in a way that is all that coherent,...

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    Got your life planned out? Nope

    Apr 6, 16 • 3968 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by There are only four issues left of The Knight – including this one. I have only four more issues as editor-in-chief and only 31 more days as a college student (as of Wednesday) to figure my life out. Can you say stressful? I have been applying to job...

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    Homesick is the worst illness

    Mar 16, 16 • 4211 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by It is so close, but still so far away. The end of the school year seems like a sick joke at the beginning because it is nine months away. But now, it is less than two but it feels like it will never come. At the start of the school year the months kind...

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    Editor’s got senioritis bad

    Mar 9, 16 • 4166 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by The first part of my senior year felt like any other year of school. But this semester feels completely different. I don’t think I need WebMD to diagnose what I have. I have senioritis and it is hitting me in full force. There comes a time in...

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    Netflix: Bringing back the ’90s

    Feb 24, 16 • 4311 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by When I was a little kid my favorite part of coming home after school was being able to watch “Full House” before supper. It was a routine of mine. I would come home, play outside for one or two hours and then come inside, wash up and get ready for my...

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    Growing up: Change in perspective

    Feb 17, 16 • 4321 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by I spent my Valentine’s Day a little differently this year. My team held a high school lacrosse clinic in the Recreation and Wellness Center field house for girls who were interested in potentially becoming a Gannon Knight, wanted to develop their...

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    Breastfeeding column brings trolls

    Feb 10, 16 • 4197 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by I am not sure if those of you who are reading our columns realize this or not, but we are all students, learning and still growing into the world of journalism. Our editors work very hard every week to produce an issue and every week we bravely write...

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    Living in an incovenienced society

    Feb 3, 16 • 4100 Views • Becky Hilker, OpinionNo Comments

    by Some people actually just blow my mind. Not by doing something extraordinary but by thinking they are entitled to something, or some form of treatment just because they believe they are above everyone else. I was out to breakfast with my boyfriend Sunday...