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  • Why Bloomberg’s campaign has changed presidential elections

    Feb 26, 20 • 28 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    Despite being a political science major, I tend to stay apolitical in my columns, mostly because I believe this is a piece for people to enjoy and take lessons from. However, the recent insurgency of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s...


    Gannon partnership to help shape I-HACK program

    Feb 19, 20 • 340 Views • NewsNo Comments

    A new partnership was announced Feb. 12 between Gannon University and Extreme Networks, the industry’s first cloud-driven, end-to-end networking company. This will bring new opportunities for students across several programs including health care, criminal...

  • mayorfrye

    Gannon alumnus makes history as mayor

    Feb 19, 20 • 1045 Views • AlumKnights, FeaturesNo Comments

    Earlier in the academic year, Gannon alumnus Chris Frye made Pennsylvania history. In November 2019, he was elected as the 37th mayor of New Castle, the first ever African American mayor of the region. Frye graduated from Gannon University in 2010, as a...

  • Turning dreams into reality

    Feb 19, 20 • 256 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    My favorite quote ever since I was little has been, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” If you’re as big a Disney fan as I am, you know Walt Disney said this famous quote. In previous columns, I have expressed my forever love for Disney and all it has...

  • Learning to manage stress in college

    Feb 19, 20 • 179 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    This is college, and we’re all here struggling. And with that struggle comes difficult weeks. Some weeks are more difficult than others. There will be weeks that Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a very small light and the tunnel is...

  • videogame

    Gamers unite on Gannon’s campus

    Feb 19, 20 • 445 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    Whether they be gruesome, intense or even a little bit odd, video games have been an outlet for procrastinating students for years. Transporting players into entirely new dimensions, they can be major stress relievers for the people who need it. So how can...

  • Gannon softball has begun

    Feb 19, 20 • 315 Views • Opinion, Softball, SportsNo Comments

    Well, it might be 40 degrees outside, but baseball and softball have already begun. Gannon’s softball team, coached by Michelle Wiley, opened its season last weekend. Going up against some tough competition at the Cottrell Foundation Loyal Blue Classic in...

  • gis

    Students plan safer walking routes for kids

    Feb 19, 20 • 255 Views • Features, Top StoriesNo Comments

    A group of Gannon University students received local recognition and praise last month for their work creating safer routes for local elementary students to get to and from school. The group of students, including Cora Yenges, Adam Figurski and Qusai Abdel...

  • How some TV shows are reflective of yourself

    Feb 19, 20 • 134 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    The wonderful thing about television and the shows that appear on it is that once in a while, you’ll find a show that you can relate to. Occasionally, it’ll be just one character, one scene, one episode, or the entire show itself, and you can take joy in...

  • Hess_1920x1080_062019

    Baseball is back, but suffering 4-game losing streak

    Feb 19, 20 • 249 Views • Baseball, Sports, Top StoriesNo Comments

    The Gannon University baseball team enjoyed plenty of success a year ago, compiling a 33-17 record and capturing the first NCAA Tournament win in the program’s history. But the Knights’ 2020 campaign started out with a rough series in Greenville, Tenn.,...